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Outboard boat motor ignition parts for Johnson Evinrude Mercury Mariner Force Chrysler Yamaha

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Outboard Motor Ignition Troubleshooter

While we will make every attempt to help our customers in troubleshooting a problem with their outboard motor ignition system, the following pages are provided for reference only. assumes absolutely no responsibility or liability for misdiagnoses or damages occuring from information obtained throughout this section.

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Common outboard motor ignition testing equipment1
Tricks to testing with minimal test equipment1A
Mercury/Mariner Troubleshooting (Non-Japanese Mariner)Page#
Battery CD Ignitions W/Points16
Battery CD Ignitions W/O Points17-19
Alternator Driven Ignitions20-27
Chrysler TroubleshootingPage#
Battery CD Ignitions2
Magnapower II Ignitions3
Capacitive Discharge Ignitions with Alternator4-5
Johnson/Evinrude TroubleshootingPage#
Battery CD Ignitions28
Alternator Driven Ignitions 1972-78 W/Screw Terminal Power Packs29-31
Alternator Driven Ignitions 1978-9932-35
Force TroubleshootingPage#
Alternator Driven Ignitions (Prestolite)6-9
Alternator Driven Ignitions (Force by Mercury)10-15
Ignition test spec chartsPage#
Voltage Drop Measurement36
Chrysler DVA and Resistance Charts37
Force DVA and Resistance Charts38
Mercury/Mariner DVA and Resistance Charts (Non-Japanese Mariner)39
Johnson/Evinrude Outboard DVA and Resistance Charts40